Introducing MECC SG Dr. Michel Abs & How DSPR is Coping with COVID19

DSPR hosts its second Webinar ‘Introducing MECC SG Dr. Michel Abs & How DSPR is Coping with COVID19’ on Wednesday 28 October from 15:00 – 16:30 Jerusalem time (GMT+3). In this webinar, we will focus on introducing the new Secretary General of the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC), Dr. Michel Abs. What are his plans with MECC for the coming 4 years? What challenges does he see and what priorities has he adopted? This will be a good occasion for Dr. Michel Abs to be introduced to the work of DSPR in all of its five Areas and the Central Office amidst the COVID19 pandemic. The DSPR Areas have all been severely hit and impacted by COVID19 and have had to adjust ongoing and upcoming programmes and planning. During the webinar, the Executive Directors will offer their perspective on dealing with COVID19 and share lessons learned with each other and participants. What is the current situation around COVID19 in the DSPR Areas? How are the DSPR Areas Coping, what Challenges do they face and what Successes have been achieved?

Join the webinar here:

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