In Galilee, a pressing problem has been the relations among religious and national communities with polarization between Arabs and Jews and sensitivities among Christians, Muslims and Druze. DSPR Galilee undertakes to engage Palestinians and Israelis on common issues of concern and organizes an annual get-together on a selected issue where hundreds of participants, media and interested people attend. Besides a strong interfaith group of young students is promoted in order to build leadership skills and to get participants to appreciate each other’s religious, ethnic and historical narratives in addition to visits to the respective holy sites. In the West Bank attention is given to ensuring that communities have the skills to speak up about the need to ensure safe and affordable access to water with women groups helped with skills to know their rights and needs and to work on them within the broader community. In Jordan, DSPR sensitizes leaders of community-based organizations on the special needs and rights of refugee communities. DSPR Lebanon helps train refugee activists on community concerns and issues including how to promote intercommunity peace and the rights of individuals and groups in marginalized communities. In Gaza, women who frequent the Primary Health Clinics are invited in the afternoons for group discussions on needs and how to respond to them. Likewise in Jordan, women's groups are activated to consider the needs and rights of their communities and how to deal with issues such as special-need children, physical disabilities, constraints at home and ways to deal with limited resources.

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