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In Galilee, Northern Israel, where most Arab citizens of Israel live, relations with the Jewish majority have not been easy as polarization between the two communities has become the norm. Among the Arabs there are also emerging sensitivities that need to be addressed such as religious ethnocentrism, violence and unwillingness of some to put the common good over the family and individual good.

The population density in Nazareth and other Arab towns and villages affects adversely the quality of life and the discrimination in offering the needed services equally to all citizens disadvantages the Arab citizens and their communities. Unemployment rate among youth in Nazareth and throughout Galilee is one of the highest in the country which pushes some young people to ways unbecoming with the traditions and mores of a conservative society. Gangs and other phenomena of lawlessness have become rampant as the society searches for solutions to keep communities together.

DSPR Nazareth, aware of the challenges posed across the political, social and communal spectrums, seeks to address the gap between the national groups and to work towards rapprochement across the different religious communities. Its target groups are educators and young people. By promoting cultures of understanding and reaching to others, DSPR Nazareth is hoping that its efforts would contribute to more cohesiveness across the communities. Of note is the continuing work of DSPR Nazareth with young dropout girls as they cope with finding their way forward either through returning to school or receiving vocational education that would allow them to start on their own small businesses. DSPR Nazareth helps these girls with loans as well as university students through a loan fund that had been in operation for years.

Galilee of the Nations calls on you.



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