• Chairperson - Central Committee
    Member at Large
    (Greek Orthodox)
    Dr Audeh Quawas
  • Member at Large
    (Armenian Orthodox)
    Dr Jean Slamanian
  • Member at Large
    (Roman Catholic)
    Mrs Sandra Khoury
  • Delegate - Gaza NECCRW
    Alternate - Member at Large
    (Roman Catholic)
    Mr George Antone
  • Member at Large
    Bishop Ibrahim Azar
  • Delegate - DSPR Nazareth ICCI
    (Greek Orthodox)
    Mr Farah Geraisy
  • Delegate - Jordan NECCRW
    (Greek Orthodox)
    Dr Farah Atallah
  • Delegate - Lebanon JCC
    (Greek Orthodox)
    Ms Nina Farah
  • Delegate - Jerusalem, & Westbank ICC
    Mr Bassem Thabet
  • Contact Information

    • Executive Director Nader Abu Amsha
    • Address Martin-Buber-Street
      Augusta Victoria Campus
      E. Jerusalem
    • Email [email protected]
    • Fax +972 26271716
    • Phone +972 26271715


    The Central Office is the Executive Office mandated to implement the Central Committee's decisions, recommendations, and directives. A team of five staff members runs the Central Office with an 

    • Executive Secretary
    • Program Manager
    • Finance Manager
    • Communication Officer
    • Administrative Assistant 

    undertakes to ensure the compliance of the different DSPR Areas with Central Committee decisions. 

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