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    • Executive Director Mr. Faris Swais
    • Address Jabal Al-Waibdeh
      Ibn Al-Hareth St.
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      Amman 11118
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    Jordan has been at the forefront of hosting waves of refugees, starting with Palestinian refugees followed by Iraqi refugees and presently by Syrian refugees. The number of Syrian refugees is estimated by UNHCR at 700,000 while Jordanian officials place their numbers at twice this estimate or 20% of the total population of 9.5 million. Fifty percent of the population are below 22 years of age, which adds to the burdens of education, health care, housing and social services on the society. Jordan does not have natural resources to fall on which makes it highly dependent on international aid.

    Official unemployment rate at 18..4% is one of the highest across the region while two out of every ten citizens. are under the poverty level. The annual growth rate of the economy stands at around 2% which reflects a weak economy highly susceptible to the instability in neighboring countries and failing to attract the needed investments.

    With these challenges, DSPR Jordan has worked in refugee camps since its inception back in the early fifties. It has reached out to young women through vocational training and used two primary health clinics to see thousands of refugee families to healthy lives. It has also offered needed loans to hundreds of university students and to scores of small business enterprises. Nowadays, DSPR Jordan continues with its efforts as it also extends help to Syrian refugees who were hosted in Palestinian and Jordanian refugee camps and needy communities.

    >With continuing reach out through emergency relief in food and non-food items, psychosocial support, training courses and health care for mother and child, DSPR Jordan touches base with whoever is in need in the localities where we serve. DSPR synchronizes its activities and ongoing programs and services in the refugee communities with public social service and welfare institutions. The overrall objective of this concerted effort is to better the conditions of life to all residents of the country, irrespective of status.

    Hospitable Jordan challenges you.

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