Financial Overview

The culture and identity of DSPR are based on diakonia applied to sustain the efforts of Palestinians to
lead dignified lives and to strengthen their communities. Services are rendered on the basis of need;
refugee youth, women and children have been the priority focus groups throughout, but other marginalized categories have also been assisted, such as the Syrian refugees out of their war-torn country.
The DSPR program has evolved from earlier relief distribution (still required for new emergencies) to
service delivery and development. The special identity and traditions of DSPR set it apart from most
voluntary agencies working with the Palestinians. It remains a distinctive ecumenical joint endeavour
across the region of international and local churches. DSPR’s core values guide the organization’s work
and define its unique character.

• Created in the image of God, all human beings are equal, irrespective of race, colour, sex or creed
• Ecumenical Christian witness through service
• Community participation and empowerment
• Transparency, credibility and accountability
• Gender equality

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