Clashes in the Ein El Hilweh Refugee Camp in Lebanon

Ein El Hilweh, the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, is currently in a dire situation as hundreds of families have been forced from their homes following clashes between armed groups in the camp. The violence in Ein El Hilweh erupted as clashes between rival political factions escalated. Despite attempts to negotiate a ceasefire, fighting continues with all sides using light, medium and heavy weapons. This has led to an extremely dangerous and volatile environment that endangers the lives of innocent civilians.

The situation has severely affected the local population, and the devastating consequences of the conflict are evident. Many people have been forced to seek refuge outside the camp and seek safety. As a result, 11 people have lost their lives and over 40 others have been injured.

The Ein El Hilweh Palestine Refugee Camp (EHC) is located 3 km southeast of Saida and was first settled by refugees from northern Palestine in 1948. During the Lebanese Civil War, the camp received many Palestinian refugees from other camps and became the largest camp in the country in terms of area and population; an estimated 80,000 people live in and around the camp in an area of 1.5 km².

DSPR JCC is located in the camp and is assisting residents. We will keep you updated on the situation in the coming days.

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