DSPR JCC Center at Ein Al-Hilweh Refugee Camp lebanon after a rocket fell and caused extensive damage

Ein El-Hilweh is the largest of 12 Palestinian camps in Lebanon, hosting more than 120,000 Palestinian and Syrian refugees, according to United Nations' agencies.

A Fatah commander and four of his bodyguards were assassinated on July 30th in an ambush that also injured several of his aides in the Ein El-Hilweh camp near the southern coastal city of Sidon. Clashes began the previous day with a failed assassination attempt on a leader of a group sympathetic to hardline Islamists in which one person was killed. That was followed by gunfire and attacks by armed militants on the headquarters of Fatah.

Fighting subsided but did not completely stop after a ceasefire was reached between rival Palestinian factions that included representatives of pro-Iranian Hezbollah group and its ally Shi'ite Amal movement that hold sway in southern Lebanon.

Shops had closed their doors and many civilians fled the camp as tensions between the rival groups mounted. The Lebanese army said a mortar fell inside a military headquarters with one soldier wounded.

As for DSPR JCC center in Ein El Hilweh, a rocket fell on the building where the center is located, and caused damages to the furniture (tables, desks, white boards), photocopy machine, doors and windows, 2 water tanks, musical instruments, multiple equipment, and the walls, ceilings and floor were affected.

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