DSPR joined als part of the Act Alliance Mean Forum the Annual Meeting in Jordan.

The Middle East Committee of the Act Alliance Forum held its first annual meeting following the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, on Sunday 23 October 2022, in Amman. Attendees were 27 participants from Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and Egypt, representing local, regional and international organizations members of ACT Alliance. Noting that ACT includes more than 144 members from Evangelical and Orthodox humanitarian and development organizations worldwide, as well as the Middle East Council of Churches, which was the coordinator for the Administrative Committee of the Middle East and North Africa Forum for this year.

His Eminence welcomed the participants and presented an overview about the coexistence lived in Jordan by all the societal components under the auspices of the Kingdom and amidst the Ecumenical spirit uniting the Churches together. He also emphasized the Church's service today in the society through the various educational and spiritual Ecclesiastical institutions.

Sami Khoury and George E. Stephan from the Central Office of DSPR joined the Meeting and were happy to exchange ideas with their colleagues and friends from Act Alliance and to work together on new visions, especially for Christians in the Middle East. Middle East in particular.

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