Initial Visit Gaza

This week, Mr. Nader Abu Amsha, who recently assumed the role of Director at DSPR, embarked on an initial visit to acquaint himself with the remarkable work carried out by DSPR in the Gaza strip. In the company of Dr. Audeh Quwas, the Chairperson of the DSPR Central Committee, and George E. Stephan, DSPR's Finance Manager, this visit proved to be an enlightening and motivational experience.

Throughout their visit, they convened numerous meetings with the Area Committee, the management, and the dedicated staff. They also had the privilege of witnessing the impressive activities taking place at a bustling clinic in one of Gaza's most densely populated areas. Here, women and children received comprehensive services and were referred to specialized service providers as needed. The health program, a main component of DSPR's services, exemplified the provision of exceptional holistic care, complete with psychosocial support.

It was abundantly clear that DSPR's diligent efforts had garnered the trust and respect of the local community, serving as a testament to the organization's professional response to the unmet needs of the community.

Moreover, conversations with instructors and young individuals participating in the VTC (Vocational Training Center) programs underscored the positive impact of DSPR's endeavours. These individuals facing ongoing challenges stemming from societal pressures, closures, and severe socio-economic constraints. DSPR's training centres present them with opportunities for a more promising future, effectively countering the prevailing sense of hopelessness, particularly among the youth. The significance of this impact cannot be overstated.

The observations made during this visit have left this key delegation even more enthusiastic and committed. They are determined to further develop their plans and intensify their efforts to provide better opportunities and instil hope for the most vulnerable individuals in Gaza and the broader Middle East, ensuring they can lead lives abundant with dignity

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