The Passing of Mrs. Leila Dagher

Dear Partners, Friends and Colleagues,

It pains me to share with you the sad news of the passing of our dear Leila Dagher, a lady who served diligently and gave of her time for both DSPR Lebanon and Central Committee; her Alma Maters, the National Protestant College and the Lebanese American University, for decades. She was a popular lady who never tired of supporting and standing by DSPR and her Alma Maters. She was generous and welcoming and we all remember her fondly in DSPR with her wit and with her smile for always having a positive outlook on the relevance of our work in a region always challenged by a variety of problems and conflicts. She died after a month-long hospitalization and we have followed her hospital stay, through our dear colleague Sylvia who updated us and gave us the sad news of her passing on Tuesday, November 17th. She was eulogized by the Secretary-General of the Middle East Council of Churches, by the President of the Lebanese American University and by the Principal of the National Protestant College. DSPR with its Central Committee, local Area Committees and all friends and colleagues of Leila also eulogized her for her perseverance in serving and in giving of her time and energy. We miss Leila for her person, for her positive outlook and for her generosity and outreach to hundreds of friends and people across our region. In particular, we will miss her in our Central Committee and DSPR-JCC Area Committee meetings. Her beautiful memories will stay with us and sustain our belief in her resurrection with our Lord.

As we bow our heads in her memory, we ask the Lord to take compassion on her and to lead her into green pastures and still waters: “He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters.” Psalm 23:2


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