History & Structure

With the different socio-economic, political and legal contexts, each of the five Area Committees had to register independently
thus evolved the different names of the Area Committees ensuring their legal entitlement:

• International Christian Committee (ICC – West Bank)
• International Christian Committee in Israel (ICCI - Galilee)
• Joint Christian Committee for Social Service in Lebanon (JCC - Lebanon)
• Near East Council of Churches Committee for Refugee Work (NECCCRW - Gaza)
• The Near East Council of Churches Committee for Refugee Work (NECCRW - Jordan)

The Central Committee, and its Central Office, operate as the unifying board and foresees the implementation of decisions and recommendations adopted in the two meetings held each year. There are 9 voting members in the Central Committee one each representing the respective Area Committees and four Members-at-Large nominated every four-year cycle, to coincide with the General Assembly of the Middle East Council of Churches, by the Heads of the Four Families of Churches.

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