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An integral part of the JCC advocacy mission is to speak on behalf of the refugees, disseminate information, and create awareness to gain support for the Palestinian refugees' plight. It is the duty of the JCC to tell the story of a lost country, of uprooted people, of refugees living in camps, of the misery of the old and the despair of the young. Through many years of service amongst the Palestinian refugees, JCC is a witness to the yearning of all to return to their ancestral country where they can plough their lands, attend and harvest their olive groves, and their orange orchards. A vital venue for disseminating knowledge about the Palestinian plight has always been through the visitors we receive, whether local or international. Partners, friends, and visitors are always welcomed and taken to see our projects, walk through the alleys of the camps, and talk to its residents. We always hope that they will pass on to others what they have seen and what they have experienced. The world must be informed about the unjust fate of the Palestinians and their endless saga. Working to bring about change to the lives of the Palestinian refugees based on the principles of human rights has recently been added to the scope of JCC work. Within the global awareness and fights for human rights everywhere, it is imperative that the Palestinian refugees themselves become more aware of their own rights as human beings and as people who have had little choice in their destiny. Thus JCC has conducted awareness sessions and is participating with other NGOs in campaigns demanding that the Palestinian refugees be given the most essential of civil rights that will improve their deteriorating living conditions. The most recent campaign was for the “Right to Work” that saw some changes in the Lebanese labor laws.

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