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Around the city of Tyre in the south of Lebanon lie three refugee camps and a number of informal gatherings for Palestinians with no identity cards. Accessible to these camps and gatherings is a four thousand square meter property that JCC owns. Owning this land has encouraged JCC to add agricultural training as one of the vocations it offers. Many families expelled from Palestine in 1948 came from farming communities and the love of land and planting has been implanted in their children. Thus it was decided that agriculture courses will enable the children from these families to continue a long tradition of farming. Another reason for introducing this course is that while the Palestinians are barred from work in many professions, agriculture is not one of them. In preparation for this program, the land was gradually prepared, smoothed and fertilized. Four plastic houses were erected and a well was dug with an irrigation system installed. Two depleted structures were rebuilt to receive students while a third structure was turned into a green house. Plans for the fourth depleted structure are now being carried out to prepare it as a chicken barn. An introductory course to agriculture is being offered to classes of 12-15 persons twice a year. The course is also open to handicapped persons whose extra effort is much appreciated. Short courses offering a variety of subjects are also given at various times throughout the year, with subjects ranging from greenhouse planting to soap-making to flower arranging and bee keeping. The farm also welcomes local NGOs to carry out training courses and workshops on a variety of subjects that interest the surrounding farms and the local rural community. Groups such as scouts and clubs from the camps who sometimes need an outdoor space for their meetings are welcomed.

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