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DSPR together with Kerk in Actie, ICCO and Truvalu Netherlands started a pilot on Business Recovery Services & Fund (BRS&F) in Jordan. The project aims to promote the economic development and employment of refugees and Jordanian entrepreneurs by supporting business development. Through the provision of both technical and financial support, the BSR&F was able to support 6 entrepreneurs to overcome the social, legal, and financial barriers to starting and scaling-up their businesses. This support took the form of training, mentoring, opening networks and providing start-up loans. The 6 businesses managed to employ over 100 employees both Jordanian and refugees. The photo shows Wael Meyer, a Jordan entrepreneur, who was seeking to find a channel in support him in establishing a sawdust and wood shaving startup centered on organic farming, sustainable and refugee empowerment. Wael created partnerships with the Sharhabel Ben Hans Eco park and Ministry of Agriculture and small farmers in northern Jordan. These partnerships secured the Eco park as his manufacturing station as well as access to scrap wood through the partnership with the ministry. Wael aims to employ five refugees, create more partnerships and quicken the profitability of this business. Through jobs creation, the refugees we employ will be able to learn transferrable skills that will assist them in pursuing opportunities anywhere they go. DSPR Jordan and Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is working together now for new partnership to adopt this program as a joint project for the year 2020.

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