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Since April 2009, as a response to 2008-2009 war, and in order to support mothers’ and children’s mental health and psychosocial well-being within such complex context, the DSRP NECC has started to provide psychosocial support program across the three NECC centers with the aim of improving the level of mental health of children and women beneficiaries.DSPR NECC’s psychosocial program started after 2008 war on Gaza called be Israel “Cast Lead Operation”, and continues till now; it targets the whole family especially women, mothers and their children. The DSPR NECC psychosocial program offers diverse services including psychosocial support, emotional support and debriefing, recreational activities, and individual and group counseling. The counselors use various counseling techniques such as: the mind and body, cognitive behavioral interventions, individual and group counseling, seminars, home visits, and community-based education through awareness programs for mothers. The program focused on the Palestinian families through the health centres, vocational training centres, secretarial centre, advanced dressmaking centre and NECC staff in cooperation and coordination with relevant organizations.

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