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This program focuses on livelihoods that include refugee empowerment and protection to enhance the self-reliance and living conditions of Syrian and Palestinian refugees. The project employs the Graduation Approach, which includes coaching, consumption support, soft and life skills training, technical and vocational training, livelihoods business startup grants, job/internship placement, social inclusion and linkages, and savings support (financial literacy, savings, and loan groups ). Forsa program provides a package of Community-based Protection support and mentorship to ensure participants also have referrals, advice, and support regarding how to access their rights to health care (physical and psychological), access to education for their children, work permits, and advice on how to avoid forced evictions.
Program services
Coaching – An assigned team of coaches will routinely visit each participating household to tailor the various interventions based on the individual needs of the household Social Inclusion and Linkages – Households will be linked with services both within and beyond their community, including training centres, markets, psychosocial support and social protection Financial Inclusion – The project will provide financial literacy training and promote a culture of savings through Savings Groups to build financial resiliency to shocks. Consumption Support – Each participating household will be provided with a monthly cash stipend to enable them to meet their basic needs. Soft and Life Skills Training – Through group meetings, DSPR will provide all project participants with a core set of soft and life skills, including stress management, career planning, labour rights, goal setting, time management, gender, etc. Technical Skills Training – One or two members of each household will be provided with vocational or technical skills training in economic sectors identified through the market assessment. Business Startup Grants and/or Job Placement – Following the technical skills training, each household will either receive a business startup grant or job placement support to facilitate their entry into the labour market.

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