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The overarch aim of this project is enlarging the prospects for work and employment for the Palestinian youth in Gaza Strip in order to contribute to enhancing their economic and livelihoods conditions given the unprecedented unemployment rate among youth (triggering about 68%). DSPR NECC runs four vocational training centers offering seven vocations/trades: two centers for male students (providing five vocational diplomas) and two for female students (providing two diplomas), particularly:

The Gaza Vocational Training Centre (Gaza City VTC - Shajaia) offers multiple-period vocational training diplomas that target disadvantaged boys aged 14-16 years old who have dropped out from school. They can choose to be either trained in (I) carpentry and furniture making (diploma for two years), (II) metal and welding works (diploma for two years) or (III) aluminum works (one-year diploma) or (IV) refrigeration and air conditioning (for two years).

The Vocational Training Centre at El-Qarara (Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip) provides a two‐year diploma in general electrician skills and motor and transformer rewinding and solar energy that is offered to young men aged 16-23 who finished their tenth grade at schools.

The Secretarial studies and English Language Centre offers a one-year intensive diploma in secretarial studies to young women who have finished their secondary studies (High School grade or locally known: Tawjihi).

The Advanced Dress Making Centre offers a one-year diploma in dressmaking provided to young women.

For selecting target groups, NECC-Gaza ensures to select those who come from deprived families and have the highest needs. NECC Technical Vocational Educational Training (TVET) centres provide its services to a total of approximately 250 trainees per annum.

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