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While the JCC encourages young people to stay in school and complete their academic studies, there are often circumstances which prevent them from doing so. Some young people decide that they do not want to pursue academic studies while others need to join the work force in order to help their families survive. In addition, the exclusion of Palestinians from many professions has killed ambition and has created despondency amongst the youth. Vocational training is therefore a good venue which can provide many with a skill leading to a practical way to earn a dignified livelihood for themselves and their families. JCC has provided a variety of vocational training programs since the earliest times and has adjusted these programs as times have changed and different skills are in demand. Where once metal work, carpentry, leather work, sewing and embroidery were key programs, the current vocational training programs reflect the current demands.

  • Hairdressing, Beauty Skills and Barbering
  • Secretarial Training
  • Electronics and Computer Program

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