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This component of the DSPR work focuses on a program bringing both Arabs and Israeli Jews living in the Galilee to have a conversation together. DSPR sees itself as an important catalyst and a facilitator for an encounter platform where Arabs and Israeli Jewis can come together and build bridges. The project staff focused on developing a scheme to plan and implement four encounters within schools on awareness of the uniqueness of the religious-cultural background of the other students. Four separate preparatory meetings took place before each multi-cultural encounter as well as eight annual preparatory meetings for the leading teachers of both schools with the program facilitators. At least four preparatory and evaluative meetings took place annually between the Jewish and Arab facilitators. In 2018, a special annual two-days conference was conducted, on the new “Nation State Law”. About 160 Jewish-Arab participants attended including parliamentarians, social change organizations, politicians, religious leaders and others. More than half of the participants were women. During this conference a survey about the impact of the new basic law on Palestinian citizens of Israel, which was conducted in cooperation with the university of Haifa, was presented. During the conference topics included issues related to Palestinian – Israeli relations, peace, equality, and future vision towards a more pluralist society. The conference presenters made a set a recommendations and have given the participants an opportunity to voice their concerns and needs that will be further raised by Knesset Members with the government.

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