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For the eighth consecutive year, DSPR has been working on a Youth leadership program targeting middle and high school students in Nazareth and Miilya of the upper Galilee. The program focuses on providing young men and women life-skills and leadership skills to students at the Notre Dame School in Miilya. Following the developed curriculum, more than sixty students participated in the program; the participants were then able to put in practice what they have learned theoretically and practically. In 2018 a special trip was made by the youth leadership project participants to a community in the Negev where they were able to visit the community, learn about their situation and spend time with the children. Staying overnight, the young men and women felt that by becoming aware of the conditions of life of Bedouin children by getting in touch with them and listening first hand to their stories in their unrecognized villages, the students can help them to become more aware of their safety and well being in the difficult environments. In addition, in partnership with the Catenians Foundation a one-day conference was organized for young people of Nazareth where more than 96 of youth participated to discuss challenges facing Arab Christians youth in Israel. Topics of the conference included challenges of identity and feelings of marginalization as well as ways to become more involved in the commuity and society. The participants even heard life stories from people who stood up against all odds to become successful. The conference was concluded with a light lunch for all participants.

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