DSPR advocacy strategy seeks to empower the refugee communities themselves to speak up and to develop the tools to reach out to local, national and international duty bearers. We remain concerned that unless policy makers, faith based organizations, partners and their back donors listen to the stories of the refugees, their conditions and their aspirations, there could be a tendency to forget about them. Besides, with all the good work that DSPR and similar faith based organizations are doing with the refugee and displaced communities, there is a need for this work to become reflected in advocacy efforts that touch base in a timely manner with the developments, needs and rights of the refugees and their communities. DSPR West Bank has been entrusted to work as the lead on implementing the DSPR Advocacy Strategy together with all Areas of DSPR. Partners have expressed willingness to have a working group that would support DSPR advocacy and to follow up on the implementation of the various objectives of the Strategic Plan.

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