In Nazareth of the Galilee the quest is towards understanding the different religious and ethnic groups that make up the society and to bring them together for equal social and economic rights. Inter group relations are facilitated with interfaith exchange and dialogue as well as with a Jewish-Arab dialogue on vital issues addressing questions of how the legal system deal with differences of national background as well as the role of media in portraying the problems and challenges of the Arab Palestinian minority.

Attention to youth is of the essence of our work in Galilee as drop out girls are helped to overcome the hurdles that stop them from going back to school and/or gain a skill that can propel them into a life of self-dependency and dignity. Another youth activity sees a group of youngsters from Mee’lya village learning how to open up to others, appreciate the differences and create links across the various communities that make up Galilee society.

In the West Bank, the quest for social and economic rights passes by a program of Food Security which enables rural families to grow their own gardens thus making it possible for scores of families to eat from the land and make in addition some economic gains, by selling farm products. Other rural communities benefit from water related projects that enable them to have access to safe potable water. The West Bank water projects are motivated by international conventions that emphasize that the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation is derived from the right to an adequate standard ofliving.

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